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Month: October 2008

Food or Flavor?

I did the “300 work out” again yesterday. Workouts like that definitely create an appetite for me. So after waiting for about an hour, I ate a BIG breakfast. Scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon and half a butternut squash.Lunch was scheduled with customers and walking into the restaurant at 1:00, I was salivating. I Read More


Well…..it doesn’t always look pretty 😉 Had a press conference to attend, kid Halloween costume to pick up, corporate report deadline due and convince an angry client that they really shouldn’t be angry at all 😉 So even if you are “running around AND stirring the sauce” ( remember the movie Goodfellas?), it’s important to Read More


A good for you snack, and satisfying when you are craving something in the afternoon at work.Do you ever buy roasted nuts in the store? Especially in the healthfood stores, the prices of the roasted nut varieties border on criminal.So buy raw and make your own at home. It’s a nice change from munching on Read More

Sharing is Caring ;-)

There are many great blogs out there. I so enjoy reading them and incorporating recipes, workouts, thoughts ,ideas, etc. It’s people sharing with each other and good things come from sharing (except when you’re in kinder garden).Thanks to Debs great blog , I made the Thai coconut soup she shared.It was absolutely fantastic. The only Read More

Here’s is a quick picture of the finished flank steak, perhaps a little more appetizing then the picture of a raw chunk of beef marinating. 😉I slice it nice and thin and I’ll use it all week and create a variety of meals.My youngest daughter gave me the greatest line last night (she’s almost 8) Read More

What’s in your fridge?

When your fridge is full of “Feel Good Eating” choices, you end up throwing things together you would have never thought of.Like this one above;Celery, radishes, thin sliced raw asparagus, green olives, yellow onion and salami. Drizzled with some EVOO.This was one delicious refreshing little salad. (salami, I really like the Applegate farms brand, very Read More

Make it a great week!

Commit to making this a great week! Get your workouts in, eat the way you know you should, be nice to people all week (tough one but try it 😉 ) and just will yourself to be happy no matter what. See how you feel come Friday. Here’ something so tasty and HEALTHY. For breakfast, Read More

Work out

I had such a fun workout this morning, that I just wanted to share it and see if anyone has tried it.Chris has introduced me to some great websites over the last few years. Gym Jones has been one of my favorites. A while back they got a good amount of notoriety for training the Read More

Combining cuisine’s and cultures

I like figuring out how I can combine and exchange flavors from different countries and cultures. An example is break fast this morning. Years ago, I used to eat regularly at an amazing sushi restaurant. Being a regular customer, they would serve you a complimentary little dish when you sat down. It was raw salmon, Read More


Use spices!! Scott K. at Modern Forager wrote a great post on spices. You can read it here. Using different spices really adds some neat dimension to what would otherwise be pretty ordinary meals. Especially if you cook with coconut oil, it will allow for lots of variety. Here I made some simple turkey meatballs. Read More

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