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Month: September 2008


I’ll say it again, there are fantastic blogs out there detailing how important fats are in our diets. Here’s one of the good ones. And so simple to make. Guacamole; I keep mine super simple and do not add salt/pepper or any spices. This way you can taste all the flavors. They combine perfectly and Read More

Boiled chicken????

Yes and no.This is an easy one, and makes for easy “Feel Good Eating” cooking.Add 1 or 2 chicken breasts to a pan with water. You can cut it up, or just put it in whole.For about 15-20 minutes, cook it on medium meat (don’t boil it).Now you will have ready in your fridge a Read More


Well life is not always simple right? Or do WE make it complicated?? Anywho, Let’s keep our efforts to “feel good eating” simple. It’s really easy to make a quick good for you meal. Have I said this before??? ๐Ÿ˜‰ So from my previous post you saw a picture of the “masher”. Boil some cauliflower, Read More

The Social Scene

Does the “social scene” wreak havoc on your normally good eating habits??I get emails and questions often about this. What to do when you go out to eat on the weekend for example, with friends or family.Last night I had to entertain a group of customers and we went to a local restaurant. The restaurant Read More

Snacks (and an updated previous post)

Sometimes I just want a little snack. Nothing big, but just something savory. A little “cucumber salami sandwich” And baby carrots with a slice of salami rolled around it. Simple right? I particularly like the “Applegate Farms, organic genoa salami” Here is breakfast from the other morning. Tuna tartare with grapes and a plum. Not Read More

Frustrated with blogger and “This one is for Naomi”

I’ve got some good pictures to post, but blogger won’t let me ;-(Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. I’ve checked the help/support blog and many others seem to have the same problem.Anywho…..thought I’d at least write the my posts, pics will follow…….when we get lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰WE GOT LUCKY TODAY. Picture uploading no problem. Ahi Read More

Comments and butter

I like it when people leave me a comment, so that it can take me to their blog.That way I can indulge my a.d.d and just keep reading about a variety of subjects.Jenny left me a comment today, which took me to her very cool blog called www.nourishedkitchen.comAs an added bonus, right now she is Read More

Paleo gourmet……..Chicken Mole!

Well, all the credit for this one goes to my girlfriend.She made Chicken Mole last night.And to say it was delicious, is an understatement.It takes a little effort but when you sit down to eat, you will be rewarded with a taste that leaves you speechless.You can order this in restaurants, but nothing and I Read More

Comments and suggestions?

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog.It’s cool to see that people ffrom Holland to Australia take a look at it.So my question for today is; is there anything you’d like to see more of? Are there suggestions you might have. Feel free to share any thoughts or criticism. No ego here ๐Ÿ˜‰Thanks! Look forward Read More

Flank Steak

I bought a nice piece of grass fed flank steak. (about 1.5 pounds)I marinated it for 2 and a half days. Here’s the marinade;1/2 cup (low sodium) soy sauce. 2 tbsps of honey, 3 tbsps olive oil, juice of half a lime, 7 cloves of chopped garlic, one yellow onion finely chopped, 1 teasp red Read More

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