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Month: June 2008

Thank you Anna!!!

Remember the post on burgers? Anna left a comment that she adds a little parmesan. I would have never thought about adding that. So was excited to try it. Hence the title of this post, because the burger (s) were UNREAL!!! Trust me, try this once and you will never settle for anything less. This Read More

Why do I eat this way?

In the comments recently, Chris (http://www.conditioningresearch.blogspot.com/) asked me how I came to eat this way. I promised I would write about it some, so here it goes. Hope you enjoy and if not, no worries I’ll also have a meal picture up for your enjoyment 😉 When I was young, around 7 years old, I Read More

Work and Feel Good Eating

A quick picture to show how my lunch bag for the day might look. (it’s not really lunch, but more my food bag for the work day) A nice spinach salad, with tuna salad on top, (tuna salad, made with some olives, capers, scallion and evoo) blueberries, raspberries and an afternoon snack of 3 slices Read More


Well, sometimes dishes/recipes don’t come out they way you intended, other times, they far surpass your wildest expectations. Last night’s dinner came out SO amazing that I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. Below is some grilled curry scrod and mashed yam.Wash the fish, pat dry and drizzle coconut oil on both sides. Read More

Happiness is waiting there in front of you. Only you can decide whether or not you choose to experience it. Take this to heart!!!!

Over the course of this week, I’ll post a little write up on how I came to start eating this way.Don’t get too excited, it’s not all that interesting 😉 “BREAK-FAST” meal for me around 10:30 was this; 2 grilled chicken thighs with red cabbage salad. 2 tbsps evoo, tbsp of dijon mustard, 1tsp spicy Read More

Quick and Easy

I’ll keep saying it 😉So try this one and let me know how you made out. Ground chicken sauteed in coconut oil with some garlic and spicy pepper relish. Added some spinach at the end. Cucumber with a splash of evoo. Fresh scallion sprinkled on top. If you happen to have some coconut milk, simmer Read More

Show and tell

By now I’m assuming a lot of readers of this blog, read many of the same blogs I do. (see right for links) If not please start 😉 Recently on Art Devany’s as well as Dr. Eades sites, there is some good discussion on amount of calories consumed. Eating paleo/primal is not a carte blanche Read More

Marc’s burgers, grill basket and lunches.

I love a good burger! But most of the time when I get to eat one, disappointment sets in when I taste the dry tasteless patty of grilled beef. I guess with a wet bun loaded with mayo, ketchup, mustard or whatever condiments you like, you can get away with it.Since that bun is not Read More

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”

Quote from Mr. Gary Zukov.I don’t know if you have read any of his books, but I think they might be worth some of your time. Happy Friday to all and just in case you are not doing anything around 3pm E.S.T, go ahead and cheer on the “Orange Machine”. Holland vs. France. Mashed Cauliflower Read More

My First Poem

“A wonderful bird is the Pelican, because his mouth can hold more then his belly can, and I wonder how the heck he can.”I learned that in 7th grade in Holland. I love sitting on the beach or the pier here and watching these wonderful birds to their thing. They just make me smile. I Read More

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