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Month: April 2008

Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.

Cool dude that Hippocrates 😉 Short on time this morning due to busy work schedule.So kept it super simple and with less food in the system the mind is nice and sharp to handle a multitude of tasks.Breakfast;2 strips of bacon and half an apple. Saw this recently and thought it was a neat house Read More


Once again focusing on easy prep and…..I cooked a lot over the weekend for other people and was tired of cleaning up the kitchen. So try this with me and see how easy.Turn on your oven to 400. Grab a cookie tray, cutting board and a large bowl.Now take a cauliflower and cut it up. Read More

Morning grill time

While I was grilling chicken at 7:30 this morning (yes, my neighbors think I’m crazy) I kept looking up at the palm trees. It looked cool, so thought I’d take a picture to share with you . Grilled chicken breasts. I marinated them for almost 2 days. Some olive oil, rice vinegar, sake, chilli powder. Read More

A little bit more involved perhaps.

BUT, still easy and straight forward. Last night’s dinner was fresh local swordfish. Rubbed with olive oil and simply grilled. Fresh leeks, olive oil and dash of sea salt. Sliced and grilled in a grill basket. Broccoli, mashed and then mixed with the grilled leeks. On top of the fish I had a nice cilantro Read More

Nike has always said it best ” JUST DO IT”

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this weekend.She wants to eat “right” as she says, but complains that she just doesn’t know what to make.Or what vegetables to buy and how to make those. So I gave her some tough love, and told her to quit moaning and to “Just Do it” It’s Read More

Thank you and Greens

Thank you all, for your positive thoughts and comments for my friend Steve. He’s out of the hospital for now, and waiting to find out if he will need a bone marrow transplant. He’s doing well. There was a great post on Mark’s Daily Apple about spinach. (link on right) I eat a lot of Read More

Smile, be nice and ENJOY your life!

My best friend is in the hospital with ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia)Since I found out Friday a week ago, I’ve been thinking about him non-stop.He’s a wonderful person, always smiling and laughing and drawing everyone around him into his sphere of comedy. He has a 2 and a half year old and a 7 month Read More

1, 2 ,3 quick and easy. & Paleo diet observation/experience

Quick and easy. Spinach, salami (natural and nitrate free), asparagus, 2 omega 3 eggs. In the pan with some butter. Great breakfast after a heavy work out. Here is an observation/experience in regards to my paleo/primal/evolutionary eating. Over the last three weeks, I went through a type of brain fog and weak feeling period. I Read More

Brain Fade

Happy Friday everyone!There are some really interesting posts on Art Devany’s site in regards to “Brain Fade”.What are your thoughts and feelings on it? Breakfast;Mashed sweet potato, splash or organic half and half, organic butter, 1 tsp of hot pepper relish and some scallions. Three free range omega 3 eggs, fried in butter with lots Read More

Short on time…..

Rushing about this morning. Won’t really eat until I come home from work. In the crockpot; garlic, onion, red cabbage, browned ground beef, coconut milk, tandoori spices. It’s going to be a yummy dinner. (hope the picture does it some justice) Read More