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Month: March 2008

Thought is energy.

If you truly take this to heart………anything and I mean anything can be accomplished.Anywho; back to food 😉 Spinach salad with eggs, cherry tomatoes, evoo and balsamic.The balsamic/evoo dressing is very tasty on baby spinach. Try it.Sausage with asparagus, spinach and onion. Does this want to make you eat a nice cold kiwi or what????? Read More

Food planning

In the comments, some one asked about food planning. Let me see if I can help inspire and simplify a little. First of, let me get this clear for you; as you will not be eating a krispy creme doughnut or a special k granola bar with 72 ounces of coffee at your desk. Get Read More

Bragging rights…..

Ok, Who can tell me what these are????????? I got them at my farmers market. (hopefully the pic is clear enough) BIG TIME bragging rights if you get this one, I had never heard of, or seen them. An American classic; Steak and Eggs. (grass fed ground beef browned in O. butter and 2 omega Read More

Feel Good Eating

There is lots of feedback out there and wonderful success stories. So let me tell you again also, eat like this for a while and you will not believe how GOOD you will FEEL. (combine with exercise, stir, mix and marvel at how good your body will look) Make fresh foods, nothing out of box Read More

Breakfast as important as made to believe?

“Eat your breakfast!!! ” That is what we have all heard over and over again. “If you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll get fat” Heard that one too? There are countless others. Ultimately, breakfast is a breaking of the fast and that does not need to occur at 7 am. I eat for the first time Read More

Feel Good Eating

OK, the first picture does not do justice to the taste of it; mashed broccoli and cauliflower. Splash of half and half, butter and fresh ground pepper. Does not look like much. But very tasty and again easy to make. Second picture is some home made SPICY relish/salsa. Lots of different peppers (habanero, scotch bonnet, Read More


Ever since I was little, I have loved cucumber. And when I say love I mean LOVE! I could eat it everyday with every meal. So as I made breakfast this morning, I started wondering. How good is cucumber for you? Obviously it has a high water content, it is used as a beauty aid Read More

Breakfast meetings

I’ve posted something simliar a while back, but wanted to stress again that you always have a choice when you are not around your own home cooking or planned meals. Was at a breakfast meeting this morning at a hotel (7:15 am) and they had a large buffet. I had scrambled eggs, rasberries, black berries Read More

Rubs and Farmers market booty

Tasty and simple is becoming my motto. So here’s another one and trust me; SUPER tasty and 5 minute prep time. I found some grass fed lamb chops, (or ribs as some call them) a lot of supermarkets carry conventional ones coming from Australia or New Zealand. They are also very good. Gave them a Read More

Meals and pics

This was my girlfriends breakfast yesterday. Garlic mashed cauliflower, with cilantro chicken and asparagus. I can’t tell you how tasty and easy the mashed cauliflower is to make. Boil it, toss in the blender or food processor, saute some garlic in butter, add that to the blender and about 2-3 tablespoons of half and half Read More

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