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Month: February 2008

Kids Meal

Unexpectedly had my kids over for dinner last night. So was short on time and did not get a chance to take some pics. Here’s what I made quickly. 12 ounce cut of grass fed rib-eye made in the cast iron skillet. I pound it a little bit flat so it cooks evenly and quicker. Read More

Paleo eating boring?

Certainly not! The next few posts will show that (at least in my opinion) eating the paleo/ef/primal nutrition way does not need to be boring or un exciting. O contraire mon frere (those french have a word for everything don’t they?, thank you Steve Martin ;-)) You can make delicious gourmet meals. Still simple and Read More


Remember I told you I had that head cold? Well, it went away quickly and then my daughters got it. So when I had them for the weekend, I had to baby them a little. They gave it right back to me and by Tuesday I felt a chest cold/flue coming on. I’m convinced that Read More


How much garlic do you go through in a week? I’m finding I go through 3 bulbs a week. Breakfast; Salmon salad, collard greens sauteed with lots of garlic 😉 and crushed red pepper. Star fruit. I’ve been getting this at the farmers market. It’s one of the best stands there. It’s an old guy Read More


One of my college room mates always says “Nothing like a bacon jones” And Sunday morning I had one of those real bacon cravings to go with my eggs. So went and got some none cured, no nitrate, nothing artificial $5 more expensive then the regular stuff packages. Well 2 actually, did I mention craving? Read More

Farmers Market.

There is most likely one in your area, try and find it! Most of the farmers markets are; local, organic, fresh, friendly and much more affordable than your supermarket. Here are some pictures from this Saturday morning. ( I did not take pictures of the fresh shrimp or grouper) Peppers Galore Great variety Sprouts anyone? Read More

“Breakfast of Champions”

You know what I realized this morning?This type of eating most likely will never catch on.Why? Because how can you mass market this? Fresh piece of grouper, organic red leaf lettuce with some avocado and splash of balsamic and evoo. (in a little butter, put in the fish, (which I sprinkled with paprika, onion powder, Read More

“Want to live an extraordinary life? Don’t live it in an ordinary way”

I’ve always liked that quote. A very special man from Japan told it to me. Breakfast; Do you own a cast Iron Skillet? If not, get one. They are so versatile and you can really get that nice grilled flavor going on your veggies. They are not expensive you can find decent ones around $20. Read More

Chicken soup on steroids!

Dang, I’m like a little baby when I don’t feel good! Typical male right?A little head cold (no aches or pains) and I’m acting like my world is about to end.Well, I guess I can’t keep feeling sorry for myself. Time for action.Remember I had made a huge pot of chicken soup? Happiness flooded my Read More

Comfort foods and the need to be bad

I caught a little head cold, unusual for me, but likely due to interaction with many many people from out of the area. So last night was craving some type of comfort food. For me that means something fried 😉 So this is what I did, instead of picking up french fries or something. I Read More

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