Tennis weekend and food

Heather, I know what you mean, ity’s tought to find the fresh stuff.

Chris, the massage helped me enormously. She took away all the pain, all I had was some residual stiffness. I had a tennis tournament this weekend, worried I wouldn’t be able to play.
I played 2 singles matches on Saturday and 1 singles and 2 doubles matches on Sunday. A lot of tennis for one weekend. I sustained myself the EF way.
In the morning I ate 4 boiled eggs with some strawberries and blueberries. After my first match, I came home and ate a grass fed ground beef patty and put it on the grill. Together with some fresh sauteed spinach with garlic and lots of olive oil.
At the end of the second match I ate a piece of watermelon and drank lots of water.
Later that evening, I had some more steak, together with a salad. (restaurant food)

Sunday morning, had an 8:00 clock match. Had some avocado. 11:00 had some smoked salmon.
12:30 match.
3:15 had a cup of potato leek soup. (it was all I could find close to the tennis courts)
4:30 match ate a few grapes during the match.
7:45 Some sashimi, at a restaurant.
My body was tired, from all the activity, but recovered very well. No carbs like everyone is led to believe that you need for these type of events.

Breakfast this morning;
Tempeh, avocado, hummus, a little cherry pepper. Very small quantity this morning.

Anybody venture to guess how Art Devany might feel about Tempeh?