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Month: September 2007

Breakfast;In a hurry and not preparedSome roasted turkey slices (natural one from applegate), one small organic apple. I have been busier then usual for this time of year, so have not been posting in much detail.Did you guys enjoy the pics from the previous posts? Helpful? Waste of my time? 😉 Lunch today will be Read More

Monday September 10th, 2007.

Can’t believe tomorrow it will be six years ago, that 9/11 blasted us into another world. Breakfast, Can of wild salmon, 5 asparagus stalks, 2 scallions, 6 cherry tomatoes, one small cucumber.Tablespoon of vegenaise. Mix together.Easy and quick. Total prep time 7 minutes. Read More

Finish to start………..

I couldn’t figure out how to get the right sequence of pics posted. So hence, from “finish to start” Bottom of the pics, shows the start of an easy breakfast, tasty and healing as I try and aid my body in fighting this little cold. Ingredients; Garlic about 4 cloves, 4 scallions, small orange habanero Read More

Stay in the now.

Amazing really, when you are not feeling good how you can get so focused on it. Tough for healing to take place when your thoughts are in a constant stage of contraction instead of expansion. Stay in the now, it makes you feel instantly better. Anywho…. Breakfast to go; Half a pear, almonds, celery, scoop Read More

Oh NO!

I think my kids gave me a cold they had. Woke up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire. But I blame myself. My ex wife had it bad, and I somewhat enjoyed her sufferring 😉See!! Never a good thing taking joy from some one elses pain.I rarely catch a cold, Read More