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Month: August 2007

Hump day….AGAIN.

When I walked in the office this morning, someone again said happy hump day! Read my previous post on “hump day”……I just don’t get it. I’ve always liked this picture of me. The sun rays are neat. Try and get outside everyday for a few “sun minutes” You’re body and mind need it. Last night, Read More

Nike says it best…..”Just do it”

You know, it really is just a matter of doing it.Last night I went home, and after several times of opening and closing the fridge, hoping miraculously something would just manifest itself, I threw left overs together for an amazing meal.Sauteed garlic, onions, green pepper, bok choy and spinach. Cut up a piece of grilled Read More

Wake up early!

It seems natural to wake up early. That being said, I think going to sleep early is also very important. I find that I have a lot of energy during the day when I get up between 5:30 and 6. Breakfast; 2 hardboiled eggs with half an avocado some vegenaise and a little olive oil, Read More

Give me your thoughts please……

I’m thinking about opening up an eatery/restaurant.I love to cook, I enjoy turning people on to “feel-good-eating”.Do you think there would be a market for a place like that? A place were you can come in and get REAL food. I believe in the US. many people want to make the change, but are short Read More

Are you having fun????

What do you guys do to body movement wise to have fun??I played soccer yesterday for about 90 minutes. I played in College and on a semi-pro team after that. But have Not played in 15 years. Yesterday, I felt like a kid playing, and having fun.Stay active and keep the kid mindset! Breakfast; some Read More

Plan, plan and plan.

Here’s my very cool new toy and birthday present; I can’t tell you enough that if you think ahead in regards to your meals, it just gets so much easier. I know we don’t always like doing that, but just think how easy it is to think ahead and plan for when our next favorite Read More

Keeping it simple…..

My friend Lisa is still going strong and has adjusted to her new way of eating with ease.She enjoys her salads and especially her celery. Breakfast for Lisa was; one hard boiled egg, mixed with half an avocado. a few drops of hot sauce. 8 sugar snap peas, 2 olives and a teaspoon of hummus. Read More


Well, I guess you only turn 40 once. To say the least I did not eat too well over the weekend.Actually, the eating was not all that bad. Shrimp kabobs, chicken kabobs that I made for my party. I stuck my hand in a few chip bowls here and there. Had salads and GASP, a Read More

Have a great weekend.

Breakfast; Left over sauteed red cabbage with 3 scrambled eggs. (omega 3) Snack; They surprised me at work for my birthday, they served authentic dutch butter cake. (boter koek) I had to have a piece 😉It was very tasty. Late Lunch will consist of rotisserie chicken with some steamed veggies. Most likely will not post Read More

Don’t watch the news too much…especially before going to bed.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the drama you hear on a daily basis. The reality is that things are ever changing and the the “natural order” IS chaos. It’s OK, it’s the way life is. Enjoy it.The media works on your emotions, I’m in Florida and the coming hurricane is being Read More

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