14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 9

I don’t have the link up yet, but please please please, if you don’t already or forget about it sometimes, make sure you read J. Stanton’s Gnolls.org

It has become one if not my favorite site and I always look forward to the next post.

Feel Good Exercise: My walk last night didn’t happen as I worked a bit later than expected. I also didn’t walk this morning as I was busy with a little project. I will walk tonight when i come home from work and hit the gym again tomorrow morning. Have you been paying attention to how you’re bending over?

Feel Good Eating: after work I treated myself to a local sushi place that serves one of the best little naughty treats you have ever had. SUSHI TACOS

Rice wrappers they use for wontons, get fried quickly into a taco shape. Then they fill them with a tiny bit of rice and either spicy tuna,  mild spicy crab or salmon. The salmon and crab also have a dab of creamcheese on top of the rice. They are super good!

Feel Good Living: I will share part of a post I printed last year from a guy named Scott Dinsmore it reads as follows ; 

“Everything you do, everything you try, everything that does or doesn’t work out, whether you like it or not, it’s all an experiment. It’s up to you to decide to learn from it. That’s the ultimate daily practice. 

I really like the feeling of that passage. It’s so true isn’t it? So let me ask you this. How often have you focused on something that you wanted to happen and it did? Maybe once or twice in your life? Well if it worked that one time, why not take that experience and learn from it? Happiness is right there in front of us at all times…it’s up to us to experience it!

Smile and be nice…

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