14 Days of Feel Good Living. Day 12,13 & 14

Sorry for the condensed last update on the 14 Days of Feel Good Living series. Things have been a tad busy as I’m getting ready for a little adventure.

Between packing and all the details involved, I just haven’t sat down to post. I have been taking pictures here and there. So let’s start with some Feel Good Eating:

Saturday was some Indian “butter chicken”. Make it easy on yourself and the family one night this week. Buy a jar of “butter chicken” at your local grocery store. Brown some chicken thighs in the pan, add the sauce, let it simmer and serve over some rice (or not, I didn’t have any…would have eaten to much of it). Delicious and easy

Grilled rib eyes that I rubbed with a tiny bit of white truffle oil and sea salt. Next I:

I sauteed garlic, scallion and mushrooms with a splash of white wine. I then added 2 “hash brown”. If you look at the health food store/whole foods or trader joes. You can find these without any additional ingredients. Careful of the super market variety for these guys. Long list of ingredients. I then mashed them together…

Now this was all calling for some craziness like yummy cheese added or cream or bacon…but I kept it normal 🙂 I added a few handfuls of fresh spinach. Have I told you yet how much my wife and I like spinach? More to follow on that too.

Thinly sliced the ribeye and let the spinach wilt and mix in with your potato, garlic, mushroom and onion. Serve the ribeye on top as in so.

Better picture perhaps:

For all you “Natto Freaks” like me out there… here was breakfast after a pretty grueling work out in the gym.

Just roll cut in the middle and eat. YUM.

Feel Good Exercise: Walking daily and hitting the gym or the body weight exercises ever other day.with lack of tennis partners I went and hit balls against the practice wall the other day for 30 minutes. It’s a good way to practice, get active and have some fun. Sometimes easy sometimes really hard, keeping it fresh by changing it up regularly. Stop analyzing the 3 million protocols out there. Guess what? They all require effort, so put in some effort, get a good solid sweat going, get some labored breathing going and you have the makings of a good work out for yourself. Do this consistently, and I will promise you, you will feel great from it. And when you feel great all the time…you look great too.

Feel Good Living: Trust that your life is unfolding as it should. However…what you think about, is what’s unfolding for you over time, so make sure you dream and dream big. Do you know what you want? Do you know what you would want your life to look like if you could have it all?? Many people I ask that question too, usually respond with “I would have tons of money”. Only when I then ask, what does  tons of money “look like”? Or what would that do for you, do people begin to actually give thought and visualize an actual picture or situation. Make your dreams specific! You can’t just think “I want to be rich”, “I want to be in shape”, “I want to be thin”. You have to have a clear picture of what those things mean to you. The law of attraction, much written about, is a fact. But you have to be specific about what you want.

My wife and I will be sharing some of this way of thinking with you over the next few months. I hope that by sharing our experiences, we will assist others in living their dream. We will be on the road for a couple of weeks, and will share some pictures.

How did you like the 14 day series? Helpful? Useless? Please share some of your feedback with me.

Make it a great rest of the week and as always…Smile and be nice.

4 thoughts on “14 Days of Feel Good Living. Day 12,13 & 14

  1. Marc,

    I have really looked forward to this series of posts too! It really is simple if we just let it be. It’s been non-stop rain here in South Carolina the last 2 weeks and my wife came home to find me hitting voleys off the kitchen wall over the weekend!!! Got to scratch the itch when it’s there.

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