14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 11

First I have to share this picture with you. What an unbelievable sunset and not a bad shot for an iphone:

Feel Good Living: there are people in everybodies lives that just┬ádon’t need your attention or energy. I believe Wayne Dyer once called people like this “petty tyrants”. It happens over time, you keep “dealing with a situation” and it brings you much frustration. you keep making excuses for the other people, YOU keep doing the right thing and nothing changes. At some point, you have to let it go. Simply and truly let it go. Wish them well and move on with your own life.

Feel Good Exercise: Today was a rest day.

Feel Good Eating: Last night I ate some shrimp and rice wrapped in seaweed. Today for lunch I ate a whopping tuna burger. Yes, with the bun.

Make it a weekend and enjoy!!

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