14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 10

This is one of my favorite versions of this song. If you’re not familiar with “Playing for Change” please take a looksie. I think you will enjoy what you find.

Change is part of life, we can flow with the current and use the current to make swimming  and floating easier…or we can struggle against it and make the swim and floating harder. The choice is ours. Changes are coming for me and couldn’t be more excited about it. Maybe ecstatic is a better word. More to follow on that.

Feel Good Living: listen to music! My dad used to listen to music all the time…the last two years he hasn’t. I had to remind him how much he loved music. I think music has not just an effect on our moods, but goes much deeper, to the cellular level. Listen to the song above, enjoy and accept change. It’s part of nature. Don’t fight it.

Feel Good Eating: Last night I made a really simple dinner as I was somewhat short on groceries and very hungry for some reason. I made a little potato mash with a bit of cream cheese and scallion and thinly sliced salami pieces mixed in. A bit different, but tasty, easy, filling and quick.

Feel Good Exercise: Nice workout this morning in the gym for about 40 minutes. I’m getting back into jumping rope which I haven’t done in a while. You don’t need a rope to do it actually. You can mimick it and works just as well. Start slow. Give your ankles and knees a chance to get some of their elasticity back.

Make it a great day! Smile a lot and be nice…

3 thoughts on “14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 10

  1. I’ve been off the computer for a bit and look what I’ve been missing! Have to go back and start at the beginning…love this Marc! Keep it up: just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

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